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def CallProfiler::profiler::Transaction::strEvents (   self,
  call = None,
  depth = 0 

Stringify the list of events

Definition at line 286 of file profiler.py.

00286                                            :
        '''Stringify the list of events
        l = []
        for depth, event in self.listEvents():
            perc = '%2d%%'%event['percentage']
            if event.has_key('events'):
                if event['events'] and event.has_key('time_processing'):
                    cperc = '%2d%%'%event['percentage_processing']
                    proc = '(%-3s %-5s)'%(event['time_processing'], cperc)
                    proc = ''
                l.append('%-4s %-2s %-12s %-3s %-5s %s'%(
                    '.'*depth, event['time_elapsed'], event['object'],
                    event['time_total'], perc, proc))
                l.append('%-4s     %-12s %-3s %-5s'%(
                    '.'*depth, '(processing)', event['time_total'], perc))

        return '\n'.join(l)

class Aggregate:

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