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def CallProfiler::CallProfiler::CallProfiler::colour_key (   self  ) 

Draw a table with the highlight colours

Definition at line 342 of file CallProfiler.py.

00342                         :
        '''Draw a table with the highlight colours
        return '''The colours used in the table highlight the calls that take
a high percentage of the total time for the request:
<table border=0 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=2>
<tr><td bgcolor="white">0-3%</td>
    <td bgcolor="#fff9b9">3-5%</td>
    <td bgcolor="#ffdbb9">5-10%</td>
    <td bgcolor="#ffbbbb">10+%</td>

    security.declareProtected('View management screens', 'aggregateResults')
    def aggregateResults(self):

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