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CallProfiler::CallProfiler::CallProfiler Class Reference

Inherits OFS::SimpleItem::Item, Acquisition::Implicit, and Persistence::Persistent.

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Detailed Description

An instance of this class provides an interface between Zope and
   roundup for one roundup instance

Definition at line 144 of file CallProfiler.py.

Public Member Functions

def aggregateDetailResults
def aggregateResults
def clear
def colour_key
def configure
def detailResults
def getComponentModules
def installPublisherHook
def isPublisherHookInstalled
def monitorAll
def monitorNone
def summary
def summaryByURL
def uninstallPublisherHook
def validTID

Static Public Attributes

tuple aggregateDetail = HTMLFile('dtml/aggregateDetail', globals())
tuple aggregates = HTMLFile('dtml/aggregates', globals())
tuple configureForm = HTMLFile('dtml/configure', globals())
tuple detail = HTMLFile('dtml/detail', globals())
string id = 'CallProfiler'
tuple manage_options
tuple results = HTMLFile('dtml/results', globals())
tuple resultsByURL = HTMLFile('dtml/resultsByURL', globals())
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()
string title = 'Call Profiler'

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